How to Install Pocket Door Frame


Pocket door is one type of sliding door which is saving space. It not only provides you with a private space, but is also suitable for a variety of decoration styles. Pocket door is still a great option for installing at home or office. In the process of installing pocket door, installing pocket door frame is a very important step, which determines whether you can use the pocket door smoothly. So, if you are interested in installing pocket door frame, you’re welcome to read the following. This article will show you how to install a pocket door frame step by step.


Prepare tools

Before installing pocket door frame, please prepare the following tools which will be used in the installation process:

  • Jigsaw
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Pencil
  • Screwdriver
  • Measuring tape
  • Speed square
  • Chisel
  • Paddle bit
  • Drill bit


With the tools and pocket door frame ready, we can begin the installation by the following steps.

Installation steps

Step1. Measure the Space

Measure the space you need to leave and construct a rough opening. You need to leave the minimum height as your door height plus 4-1/2″, and the width of the rough opening is two doors width plus 1″.

Step2. Measure for Frame Header End Brackets

Measure up from finished floor door height plus 3/4″ or from sub-floor to door height plus 1-1/2″. Mark this position and set a flat head nail on the center, meanwhile, leave 1/8″ protruding for frame header end brackets resting.

Step3. Snap a Chalk Line

Snap a chalk line on the floor.


Step4. Attach Frame Header to Rough Studs

Slip slots in frame header end plates over nails in rough studs. Lever the header, then set nails and drive nails through the remaining holes in end plates.

Step5. Attach Split Steel Studs

Slip fingers of floor plate into split steel tube. Then butt two split steel tubes against the header nailer and screw them into place with head screws. Attach other split steel tubes midway in “Pocket” opening.

Note that plumb split steel tube between chalk lines and nail to the floor.



Step6. Insert Ball Bearing Hanger Wheel Assembly and Soft-Close Mechanism

Place the soft close trigger into the track and tighten it to the track. Then insert ball bearing hanger wheel assembly and soft-close mechanism into track. In this step, different products may be a little different to insert. For example, if your pocket door frame doesn’t include soft-close mechanism, then you just need to install ball bearing hanger wheels. For detailed installation methods, you can refer to the corresponding product instructions.


Step7. Apply Desired Wall Material

Now, pocket door frame is stalled basically. You can apply desired wall material with self-drilling drywall screws. And then seal all edges and faces of door panel with paint or sealing stain. Attach door to the pocket door frame, and just finish the finishing touches. Besides, don’t forget to fasten the floor guides.


Above are the steps for installing pocket door frame. Although there are many steps and details to take care of during the installation process, as long as carefully follow the steps, it’s not difficult. If you want to buy pocket door but haven’t bought it yet because you aren’t able to install it, I believe this article will give you a lot of confidence.


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