How to clean and maintain your glass barn door

Do you have a glass barn door in your house? Nowadays, glass barn doors are very popular. They not only save space but also are elegant and beautiful. What’s more, they can be well blended into modern, retro, rural, and other styles of home decoration.

However, over time, they will be eroded by dirt and dust will deposit, so it is very important to clean and maintain their appearance and working state. However, glass barn doors are usually composed of various materials, such as metal, glass, wood……So when we clean glass barn doors, do we feel a little confused because we don’t know how to deal with them?

Next, I will share with you the cleaning and maintenance methods of metal frame glass barn doors and wooden frame glass barn doors to make your glass barn door clean and beautiful! For the convenience of understanding, I will explain the cleaning methods of the wooden part, metal part, and glass panel 3 parts one by one.

Metal part:

Please carefully remove the dust on the surface with a microfiber cloth first. If your door has bevels, panes, or carved areas, don’t forget to dust these areas. Then, wet the sponge and spray all-purpose cleaner on it. Use the sponge to wipe along the metal frame from top to bottom. If the sponge becomes dirty, please rinse it and spray more detergent before continuing. Of course, white vinegar is also a good choice. It can remove any fingerprints, grease, and even rust stains left on it.

It should be noted that please do not use rough old rags and abrasive cleaners, which will scratch the metal door frame.

Glass part:

At ordinary times, the glass in our house is particularly prone to deposit dust and will leave many traces such as fingerprints and grease, which will become difficult to clean after a long time. The glass in our house will become darker and darker, and even the sight in our house will be affected to some extent.

To avoid scratching the glass, please use a non-abrasive glass cleaner. You can also use white vinegar, which is a good natural cleaner. Add an appropriate amount of white vinegar to the clear water for modulation. And then you can spray them on the glass panel, then use a soft cloth to gently wipe the glass from top to bottom. After wiping, the glass will become very clean. It will not leave water marks while cleaning the dust and some stubborn stains on the glass, to achieve a good cleaning effect.

Wood part:

First of all, I suggest you gently remove the dust on the top and side of the door frame with a microfiber cloth. If your door frame is not painted, please use a furniture polishing agent, such as oil soap. Then use it with a soft cloth to slightly clean the wooden part along the texture direction. In this process, you can remove the debris well, and your wooden door can get smooth polishing.

 If your wooden door has been painted, you do not need to polish it. You only need to use warm water and universal cleaner, with a new soft cloth to wipe it from top to bottom.

When you take good care of your glass barn doors, you will improve their service life and make them keep beautiful. You can also feel the great charm they bring more and more in the process. Isn’t it a great thing?

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