A Quick Guide On How To Choose Barn Door Hardware

We guess you’re here because you decided to redecorate your home, and you’ve settled on installing a barn door somewhere but wondering how to choose barn door hardware. It looks like a simple task; you can do it yourself or hire someone to do it for you. But the more you look into it, the more confused you get. Why are there so many details to get right? What is the difference between all these sliding barn door hardware?

Well, lucky for you, this article exists to make things a lot easier for you! We will explain what barn door hardware is and how to choose the right kind for your home. We ensured that our guide was quick and simple to understand, even if you have no experience. Remodeling your home does not have to be a hassle, so let’s start.

how to choose barn door hardware

What is a barn door?

A barn door is a sliding door that features a wooden to metal door hung on a sliding track. Rather than opening and closing by pushing or pulling, it opens by sliding sideways. Barn doors also hang against the wall and achieve a lovely, rustic aesthetic. You can install it in almost any door, but we will explain where we think a barn door fits best in this guide.

But, let us first tell you about the types of barn doors before we talk about barn door hardware kits.

Types of barn doors

When it comes down to the different types of barn doors, your imagination can run wild! You can come up with almost any idea for a barn door and DIY it if you want. Moreover, you will find countless options in the market if you are not a fan of DIY installations. You can choose any door, metal, wood or even glass and resin.

The freedom is in the materials and styles you can choose from and the hardware you can use. Although, there are a few things to consider before buying any sliding door hardware. It is not only the parts that keep the door hanging, but they also play a role in achieving the look you want.

Older styles involve a more rustic, vintage look using big wooden doors and dark, metallic components such as handles and hinges. It was very popular in the 2010s, but lately, tastes have changed, and a newer style is in. in recent years, people have been adopting glass barn doors around their condos or homes. These are great for people living alone or with partners/spouses; yet, they might not be the best option for a family home. You can make glass barn doors work if you place them just right!

Types of barn door hardware

The components

There are seven components in most barn door hardware kits. It includes the sliding track, rollers, door guides, standoffs, jump blocks, hangers and stops. Every part of the hardware is important in the barn door’s functionality and safety. Choosing the right type of hardware will also help enhance the overall look! But before you buy any hardware kits, ensure it comes with all seven components. However, if you choose to buy them individually, ensure you get the right measurements and dimensions.

The sliding door track is a heavy-duty rail mounted above the opening for the door. The door hangs off of and opens or closes by sliding along it. The rollers mount on the sliding track to help the door move smoothly, and most doors require at least 2 to 3 of them. The rollers are attached to hangers, which attach to the door itself.

Stops that you place along the sliding track so the door does not slide off the track. Jump blocks are usually metallic or plastic pieces attached to the top of the door to prevent jumping off the track. Standoffs, also known as spacers, maintain an even space between the wall and the sliding track. Meanwhile, guides mounted on the floor to keep the door swinging around. These parts are vital to the safety of your door, and you can not miss out on any of them.

Hardware designs

There are a few main types of sliding tracks that include:

  • Pocket doors

These are doors hung and mounted along a sliding track inside the walls on both sides of an opening. They are great to save space but can be quite costly to install.

  • Bypass doors

they open by bypassing another door from in front or behind the first one. Bypass doors hang along one sliding track in a surprising line. They are not too expensive and can be a great way to divide or close off some space.

  • Barn door

a door is hung off a sliding track using hangers attached to rollers that help the door slide along the track. They are a more old-fashioned approach to sliding track doors but are the most common style.

  • Traditional sliding door

these sliding doors often feature glazed glass panels that let in natural light to light up your living spaces. They are usually referred to as patio doors and are commonly used for openings to balconies, patios, back yards, etc.

You can also find various design and material selections such as:

  • Steel barn door hardware
  • Stainless steel barn door hardware
  • Stainless steel box track hardware
  • Aluminum or steel box track sliding door hardware

How to choose barn door hardware sizes

You will find a variety of sliding track sizes, but you’ll often see the 5ft, 6ft and 7ft lengths. Before you decide to buy any barn door hardware, pick out your door first. Make sure that the door will be about 2 inches wider than the opening you’re installing it over. When you have the dimensions of your door, you can choose the right sliding track length too. The door must also be slightly taller to fine reach the sliding track.

If the openings are larger than 7ft, you should probably install multiple sliding tracks so all your doors can fit. If you’ve already measured the door opening’s width and have all the dimensional and weight specifications of your door, it’ll be easier to choose the hardware. By knowing the door’s width, height, thickness and weight, you can find the proper type of barn door hardware for it. Any barn door hardware kit you might buy will include minimum and maximum requirements for all sizing factors.

Additionally, it would help if you chose hardware that can support the door’s weight. If your hardware is not strong or sturdy enough, it can be extremely dangerous to have unstable barn doors that could fall on someone. It would be best to consider whether the smaller components such as the stoppers, standoffs, rollers, hangers and jump blocks could withstand supporting the interior doors. The last thing you want is any worst-case scenario to add some flair to your living room!

What should you consider before you even begin choosing?

Hold on! Before you pick up your wallet and begin investing in a barn door hardware kit and materials, let’s understand a couple of things. Aesthetic – the look you want to give your home – and your budget are very important to consider. You can effectively choose the right hardware designs and components if you know the style you want to achieve. If you know which hardware to look for, you know how to budget for it.

Let us further explain why these factors are necessary and how they can help you find the right barn door hardware for you.


to ensure that your barn doors fit well in your home’s décor, you should choose the right styles. It helps to choose a set of barn door hardware that matches or blends in with your door and the room you’re using it for. You can find an endless variety of modern to rustic barn doors and barn door hardware designs. A few things to look into include door pulls, faux hinge straps and privacy locks.

Those 3 simple decorative door hardware can tie the door to the room décor or set everything off. The door pull is not only an aesthetic addition, but it is also very practical! You can install matching pocket door pulls on your barn doors so you can grasp them from either side of the door. If you are looking for a rustic design, you can add faux hinge straps to the edges of the door. It will give an illusion of a traditional door until you decide to slide it open.

Lastly, if you use a barn door in a bedroom or bathroom, it is best to install privacy locks. You can choose from many different types of privacy lock hardware designs. You can use a hook latch, hasp, teardrop, or pocket door lock.

Moreover, it would be best to choose between a modern or rustic aesthetic. Once you know what you want, you can start debating buying a box barn door hardware or a modern flat track hardware system. Knowing the look you want to achieve will also help you decide the hardware designs and materials. Everything is connected in this case, which makes it so simple yet complex.


Installing a whole new barn door can go either way – it can be surprisingly affordable or too expensive. So how do you decide on a budget? Well, there are a few things to consider that can help you decide on the right budget for you. An average sliding door hardware is usually found in base prices, based on 4ft or 6ft kits that come with the bare minimum. Everyone’s needs will be different, so you need to look at what you need for your home rather than what the market thinks you need.

In addition, you also shouldn’t be too fixed on sticking to your budget. If you can afford the perfect door and barn door hardware for $150 over your set budget, go for it! You are better off achieving the exact sliding door you want rather than settling for cheaper sliding barn door hardware and a flimsy barn door. However, if you can achieve exactly what you want for cheaper, do not worry about it. Just because you saved more money than you expected, it does not mean you didn’t install a great barn door either.

You should also keep in mind that you should be willing to go slightly over budget. You are investing into your home, not only the barn door hardware. It is important to consider whether you will be installing the barn door yourself or hiring contractors to do it for you. You will factor labor costs into your budget, and rest assured you can afford it.


Maybe it is safe to say that choosing the right sliding barn door hardware is an art form – almost – it seems so easy to understand, but the decisions are nearly endless. But luckily, it isn’t all that hard to go through with, and you can install it yourself if you’re comfortable doing DIYs. You could even make your barn door and barn door hardware on your own!

Barn door hardware is very important because many components can come in various designs and materials. How do you decide exactly what you need? By measuring twice and choosing everything once. You must be ready with all your door opening and door dimensions when you decide to go out and buy the hardware.

We hope you found this helpful, and you can now choose barn door hardware for your home!

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